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Mrcomputer1's About Me[edit | edit source]

8-bit user icon.png
This user's account in Minecraft is Mrcomputer1.
Firefox.svg Mrcomputer1 prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Mrcomputer1 prefers Windows 10.
Mrcomputer1 prefers Linux.

Mrcomputer1 prefers Minecraft Computer Edition
Mrcomputer1 prefers Minecraft Pocket Edition
Playstation logo.svg
Mrcomputer1 prefers Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition
This user is obsessed with diamonds.
Redstone (Dust).png
This user is obsessed with redstone.
This user prefers multiplayer.
Minecraft Creative.png
Mrcomputer1 likes to play on Creative Mode.
This user likes to play on Peaceful.
Bukkit icon.png
Mrcomputer1 runs or has run a Bukkit server.
Mrcomputer1 runs or has run a PocketMine server.
Iron Sword.png
This user likes to fight.
Redstone (Dust).png
This user likes to build redstone circuits.
Command Block.png Mrcomputer1 likes to build with command blocks.

This user frequently kills Chickens.
Coca-Cola logo.svg
Mrcomputer1 Enjoys Coca-Cola
Slime.png This user hates Slimes on Superflat worlds to death.
Code repr.png
Mrcomputer1 has written a Bukkit plugin.
Mrcomputer1 prefers a PC.
This user prefers Windows.
This user is a Minecrafter.
This user has been playing
Minecraft since 13 February, 2012.
Iron.png This user refuses to believe that iron is copper colored.
Block of Gold.png
 Mrcomputer1 thinks that calling gold "budder" is weird.
S This user is a member of Scratch Programming Website. They are Mrcomputer1 on Scratch