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I'm a relatively new user, but have been playing heavily since May 2012. In my world for 1.2.4, I'd gotten as far as exploring the Nether, with several map's worth of Overworld exploration. Since that included a lot of jungles and extreme hills, I decided to start a new world for 1.3.1, and chronicle it. Since then I've added a chosen-seed world with a Mushroom Biome, another world to play on hard mode, and a couple of creative-mode worlds.

I'm no relation to the Wiki user MentalMouseGames!, formerly registered on the wiki as MentalMouse42. (He changed to a different account after discovering the name collision.) --Mental Mouse 00:24, 8 January 2013 (UTC)

Feedback and significant pages[edit]

Please leave notes for me on my talk page. On the Forums I'm MentalMouse42 (they finally validated my account), but I'm not very active there.

I also have a sandbox page with various subpages. (I generally welcome assistance with anything in the sandbox).

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