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Several structures in the game are created by building them from blocks, then transforming them into their working form with a wand or other tool. The more advanced builds require vis from the wand.

  • The "small" builds are one or two blocks apiece.
    • Thaumonomicon: While not strictly a "build", a Thaumonomicon is made similarly, by right-clicking a bookcase with a wand.
    • Arcane Worktable: A Table is built and struck with a wand, which need not contain vis. Once created, it can be picked up (with an axe) and placed elsewhere like any other block. Used for Thaumcraft's early recipes.
    • Crucible: Created by right-clicking a cauldron with a wand. Again, no vis is required and the result is a block that can be mined (with a pickaxe) and replaced as usual. Used for producing various magical substances.
    • Research Table: Place two Tables next to each other, and click one with a set of Scribing Tools. They will become a research table which can be used to learn new magical recipes. Paper must be added for actual use. If either table is mined, it will drop the table, scribing tools, and paper, leaving one table behind.
  • Infusion Altar: A complex build described in the Thaumonomicon, which is completed by right-clicking with a wand containing at least 25 vis of each primal type.
  • Infernal Furnace: Another complex build. This one requires 50 vis each of Ignis and Terra. Rapidly smelts items, with Ignis essentia as its only fuel. Occasionally produces extra material in the form of nuggets.
  • Node in a Jar: Build a box of glass around a node, top it off with wood slabs, and apply a wand with 70 vis of each aspect. Result: A node you can pick up and carry with you. Notes:
    • The penalty for iron caps applies, so an iron-capped wand with 75 vis will not be sufficient.
    • The node is inert while in the jar.
    • The capture process has a 75% chance of weakening the node, from Bright to normal to Pale to Fading.