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Beta 1.9

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Beta 1.9, sometimes referred to as the Lost Update[1], was an unreleased update for Minecraft that was supposed to come after Beta 1.8. The reason why it was never released was because Mojang opted to delay the release of this update until MineCon 2011 and release it under the name "1.0.0". This decision was made after a few development versions tagged as Beta 1.9 were already sent out, so the name Beta 1.9 was kept for all of the development versions in the gap between Beta 1.8.1 and Minecraft 1.0.0, other than the release candidates.

Proposed additions[edit]

For the full list of additions that were originally for Beta 1.9, see 1.0.0.

Proposed changes[edit]

For the full list of changes that were originally for Beta 1.9, see 1.0.0.