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Southeastern United States


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Java Edition 1.8.8

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November 19, 2017


English and a tiny bit of German

Hello, to whoever's reading this! I am Madminecrafter12 - an administrator and bureaucrat on the English Minecraft Wiki. If you have any questions for me, feel like I handled something incorrectly, or want to tell me about something, please head on over to my talk page. You can also leave me a comment on my profile or if it's something private, send me an email. I am additionally on Discord.

A bit about me[edit]

I started playing Minecraft in mid-2015 or so. I'm pretty sure it was during 1.8.8, but it could have easily been 1.8.7 or 1.8.9. At some point, I took a very long break from Minecraft, and at another point I started playing it again. I started editing this wiki as an IP in September of 2017. I registered this account in November 2017 and have been active ever since. As I explored further into the Minecraft Wiki and its editors, I became more interested in it and less interested in Minecraft. I was given administrator rights by Majr on May 26, 2018, after a discussion on the community portal that can be found here, and bureaucrat rights, also by Majr, on March 3, 2018. In early 2019, I started becoming interested in Minecraft parkour, inspired by a YouTube channel, so I've been doing a bit of that lately in Minecraft.

On the Minecraft Wiki, I mostly do maintenance stuff, rather than actual content creation. In particular, I usually revert vandalism, fix things, do random Wiki gnome stuff, and occasionally update articles after new snapshots/releases are released. I frequently participate with community discussions. I also perform some random administrator-related stuff, such as blocking users, protecting pages, patrolling Category:Pending deletion, and editing fully protected pages and the MediaWiki interface. If you have an admin-related request that needs to be done, feel free to ping me.

I have a bot named User:Madbot121 which runs using AWB, so if you have a repetitive task that you don't feel like doing yourself, or you don't want to clog up recent changes with it, it might be able to do it for you.

I exist in real life too, believe it or not. I am somewhere between the ages of 13 and 30, and enjoy playing piano, singing, and playing Minecraft when I'm not working or editing a wiki.

Where you can find me[edit]

I am a member of GRASP, which means I have certain admin rights on all Gamepedia wikis to help fight vandalism globally; more info can be found here. I am an administrator and occasionally an active editor of the Terraria Wiki and the Help Wiki. I'm also on Wikipedia, where I do stuff; my username is SkyGazer 512 there. I occasionally use the Test Wiki for... testing (my username is A person somewhere there). Aside from wikis, I can be found on the Bug Tracker.

Potential admin tasks list (self-reference)[edit]


I'm quite amazed by how people mischaracterize vandalism and spam. So, here's a bit of a weird chart thingy, sort of like a Single-access key, to determine what type of "bad" edit an edit is.

1a. Do you agree with the edit? If so, it's a good edit, yay, keep it there.
1b. Do you disagree with the edit? If so, go to 2.
2a. Is the edit clearly, blatantly, indisputably unconstructive to the Minecraft Wiki? If so, go to 3.
2b. Otherwise: it is not a disruptive edit.
3a. Is the only purpose of the edit to advertise something with clearly absolutely no intention of trying to help the Minecraft Wiki in anyway at all? If so, the edit is spam.
3b. Otherwise, go to 4.
4a. Was the user who made the edit clearly deliberately, maliciously trying to harm the Minecraft Wiki? If so, the edit is vandalism and can be reverted without any kind of edit summary.
4b. Otherwise: it is a disruptive edit. Reverters should assume good faith and revert with a kindly worded edit summary; however, if the user repeatedly makes disruptive edits despite warnings, it will still likely lead to a block.

Cool wiki tricks you may have not known about[edit]

  • You can reveal the system messages on a page by adding "?uselang=qqx" to the URL or if it's already an action (e.g. history or edit), add "&uselang=qqx" instead.
  • You can revert as many edits as needed using just the old-fashioned undo button by comparing any revisions to a page and clicking undo. I had always thought undo could only be used for 1 edit; apparently I was wrong.

Some facts[edit]

Wiki stuff[edit]

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Madminecrafter12 is part of the Rewrite for Style project.

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Minecraft stuff[edit]

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Madminecrafter12 prefers Minecraft Java Edition.
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