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The objectives of setting up Monster Spawner traps are to gather an unlimited amount of mob drops easily and quickly with minimal risk.

Possible Traps[edit]

There are several types of naturally generated mob spawners, the types are:

From dungeons:

From Abandoned Mineshafts:

From Strongholds:

And from Nether Fortresses:

Zombies and Skeletons[edit]

Both Zombies and Skeletons are 2 block tall mobs. Fall traps, drown traps, suffocation traps and lava are some of the basic traps that can be used to easily kill these mobs.

Fall Traps[edit]

These traps basicsly turn the mob into a 1-hit kill.

1. Deactivate the spawner by placind torches around the spawner and on the walls.

2. Clear out a 9 wide 4 tall (2 blocks from the celing and 1 block from the ground) cube around the spawner.

3. Choose a side for the mobs to fall and dig out a two blocks down row on that side.

4. Place a row of water on the opposite side using water buckets. The water should not flow into the 2 block tall pit.

5. Place a water block on 1 of the corners of the pit. One of the blocks should not have water on it. You will have to dig on this block (step 6, 7).

6. Optional: Dig 2 blocks down. Place some vines on the top block and a button on the bottom to reset the mob's fall damage.

7. Dig 22 (more) blocks down. You shold be careful when doing this as digging straight down might lead to death.

8. Prepare the collection point.

Choice 1: You may place ladders all the way down.

Choice 2: Bring the mobs up by using water and signs. (Mobs will swim up water.)

Drown Traps[edit]

Follow step 1 to 5 from the above.



Cave Spiders[edit]

Silverfish Spawner Traps[edit]

Blaze Spawner Traps[edit]

Lighting Mechanisms[edit]

Lighting is a vital part in setting up spawners. If this is not set up early, it might be hard to control and mantain the spawner.

Redstone lamps can be used for this. It requires a basic knowledge of Redstone and some resources. Glowstone is needed for crafting the lamps. Lamps can be place on walls or the celing to prevent or reduce mob spawning and to make it easy to mantain.