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Hello there! I'm MYL25 here. I am a beginner to wiki editing, not really experienced and all, but I'll do my best to learn from all you more experienced guys! I'm not too sure of all the syntaxes and I usually click edit when I want to look at how it is coded.

What I usually do[edit]

There are two things I usually do which is related to Minecraft. One of them is spending time editing the Minecraft Wiki, the other is playing Minecraft.

Minecraft Wiki[edit]

I edit the wiki when I have some time to spare. I like adding in new information, correcting grammar mistakes and many more. I usually edit the wiki using my 2 year old tablet which is a real challenge, but at least I have something to do in my spare time. My tablet is also really annoying because it can't even load two tabs at once. I wish I had a faster connection too though.

Besides that, I really hate people who spam and vandalize pages just because they have the ability to do so. They well eventually be caught by other users, however.

My advise: Don't edit pages unless the information you are giving is correct at the time.

I don't know about you guys, but this isn't fun. Other users will have to undo your changes so the information on the wiki stays right at all times. But I assume you guys can think perfectly fine before messing up the wiki.


I love playing on servers especially really crowded ones. I enjoy brewing up potions, doing Redstone Redstone Dust JE2 BE2.png experiments and more. I stumbled upon Minecraft just at the start of this year, in February 2013, when Minecraft 1.5 was just out. I got the basics done just in a month or two and now I'm pretty good at it.


My sub-pages:

To Do[edit]

My to do list. Things I am planning to to:

  • Brewing
    • Simplify the brewing process description

The End[edit]

Writing my own page actually turned out well. Actually, it isn't hard at all. Its all about the ideas that you come up with and the way you put those ideas together. I have seen many other pages and used them as a reference, most of them are probably not as long as mine. I'll probably not update this page much as I do with the rest of the wiki. Okay, this is all for my user page. Thanks for reading!