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This guy is currently a 16-year-old student from Hanoi, Vietnam. He does things related to computers. He usually tries to make everything's tone as neutral as possible.

Current status[edit]

In grade 11.

His laptop has been stolen since 8 | 22/12/2019. Currently using a 10 years old one donated by a generous neighbor.

Current "jobs"[edit]

Where to find him[edit]

  • On Facebook (barely online now as...)
  • On Twitter, though he isn't online much.
  • On Wikipedia.
  • On Discord with username leduyquang753#3761.
  • In Hanoi, Vietnam.


Original templates[edit]

Tools related to the wiki[edit]

Well, did I introduce some info about myself? But I was using third-person? Yeah, I like doing like that. Enjoy.