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Description: Outlining user pages and user page policies

While Wikipedia already contains a guide on userpages, this article is more specific to the policies in place on the Minecraft Wiki.


The userspace is all pages which are directly associated with a specific user. The general locations contained in the userspace are as follows.

Main page[edit]

A user's main page resides at the user's name within the "User:" namespace. It should generally be used for identification, containing any information the user wishes to reveal about themself.


A user's subpages reside as subpages of their main page. Common usages of subpages are sandboxes, page proposals or in progress pages, articles that would not belong in the mainspace, templates for the userspace, or collections of data. User pages in general may be used for almost anything.

Style sheets and scripts[edit]

If a subpage ends in .css, it becomes a style sheet and subpages ending in .js become scripts. Style sheets and scripts cannot be edited by anyone other than the user and administrators, and generally contain code written in the CSS and JavaScript languages respectively.

Style sheets and scripts with the name "hydra" or "common" that are a direct subpage of the user's main page (for example, "User:John/common.css", but not "User:John/1/common.css") are automatically loaded, while other scripts need to be imported using the appropriate functions.

Talk pages[edit]

User talk pages reside within the "User talk:" namespace under the same name as a user page. A user's main talk page may be used for direct communication with the user, while the talk pages of any other user pages should discuss the relevant page. When a user's main talk page is edited, they will receive a notification alerting them of the edit.

Categories and files[edit]

Users may create user categories upload files for the userspace, provided they added to category Users or User images respectively, or a relevant subcategory. Note that while any title may be used for those file and categories, if the mainspace requires usage of the title, the file or category may be moved. This will generally not happen if the title contains the user's name.

Note that files may still be deleted if they are in violation of copyright, even if used as a user image.


Since modules are required to be in the module namespace, users are allowed modules as subpages of their username in the module namespace. Note that if your username is similar to or the same as the title of another module, you should prefix the module title with "User".


In general, the userspace can contain anything, including experimentation with the wiki software, proposals of additions or changes to the mainspace, personal projects and articles, and useful templates and scripts for use by other users.


Pages outside the userspace should never redirect to a page within the userspace. A user should not create redirects from another username to their own unless that name is a former username or alternate account, though in the case of the latter the redirect should be removed if someone registers that username.

User pages may redirect to any location, provided the redirect target exists. If a userpage is to redirect to a page on another wiki, a special page, or their profile, {{soft redirect}} must be used so the user is not redirected with no return link.

Main talk pages may only redirect to the main talk page of another account owned by the same user. Main user talk pages may not redirect to a talk page on another wiki or to an unrelated talk page.

Disallowed content[edit]

Pages in the userspace are not allowed to use categories which are designed for the mainspace, or templates which have an effect on mainspace content. This includes templates which add categories not designed for the user space.

User talk pages must also follow the talk page guidelines, except where noted there.

Disallowed usage[edit]

The mainspace should not link the userspace nor should it load code from the userspace, with the exception of on talk pages where relevant. The only other exception is if the user is notable to mention on an article (for example, Mojang employee wiki acounts), then their main page may be linked.

The userspace is not a personal website or a blog, as such pages in the userspace should not contain in-depth information on content unrelated to the wiki. Users who are suspected of using a page in their userspace as either may have the page deleted.

Wiki rules[edit]

Some content is disallowed directly by the wiki rules. Specific things that are disallowed in the userspace are:


While the actual pages are still owned by the wiki, generally pages in the userspace may only be edited by the user whose name they are under, though some edits are allowed, such as:

  1. Removing disallowed content.
  2. Minor maintenance, including fixing or updating template usage, updating file links and redirects, and fixing invalid HTML
  3. Editing pages which the owner marked as freely editable by other users
  4. Edits with permission from a discussion. If this is the case, please provide a link to the discussion or a diff in the edit summary for the convenience of others.

Talk pages[edit]

Any user may create another user's talk pages or contribute to a discussion on another user's talk pages. If any header content is added, it should only be edited by the user whose name the page is under, except if any of the above apply. All discussion on talk pages should follow the talk page guidelines.

Users may delete or archive any posts or discussions in their own userspace, including admin warnings; though, deleting a discussion does not make them exempt from the rules. Deleting discussions is generally discouraged, and deleting single posts that would make a discussion confusing should also be avoided.