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user:KnightMiner/Workbench/Can I become an administrator?

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This page is part of my workbench. You may edit this page, but unproductive edits will be reverted.
Description: Page about requests for administratorship on this wiki.

On this wiki, administrators are promoted based on exceptional contributions, not by request. An exception is in the case of no active administrators, where as requests can be made through Curse. You may have a good reason to become an administrator, but it would be better for the administrative team to decide you would make a good administrator.

I would make a good administrator[edit]

You might say you would make a good administrator, but how are we to know that is true? Other than your word, their is no proof that you will be a beneficial part of this community and that you plan on remaining active long enough for administrative rights to be worthwhile to give to you.

I know Minecraft/MediaWiki very well, so I would be of great benefit to this wiki.

Many active users on this wiki, as well as all of the active administrators know Minecraft, MediaWiki, or both very well. Those skills also do not require administrative rights to be used, as many articles could use help from someone who knows the game well, and many other elements of this wiki would benefit from someone who knows MediaWiki well.

I am an administrator on this other wiki

Just because you are an administrator on another wiki does not mean you are the perfect fit here. It is also best to show firsthand that you would be a beneficial editor on this wiki, as well as that you plan on remaining active.

I have been very active lately, so becoming an administrator would make sense

Many users on this wiki that have been active longer than you without being administrators. Being active recently also does not state that you will remain active enough on this wiki to properly use administrative rights, nor that you will use the administrative rights constructively.

But I need to be an administrator[edit]

Most users don't need administrative rights, or else every user would have them. In most cases where the rights are required, you can simply inform an administrator so that they can take action.

I need to be able to block vandals and protect pages

Most active administrators have learned over time which pages actually require protection and which users really need to be blocked. It is also important to know the user with those rights can be trusted. In most cases, where a few users are offending the wiki or a few pages need correction, you can refer to the admin noticeboard.

I need to edit a protected page

Pages are protected to make sure only trusted users edit them, just because you have a constructive edit does not mean everyone does, and we have no way of know yet if you would be trustworthy enough to edit the protected pages. Also most constructive edits can be posted on a relative talk page to notify an administrator.


Instead of trying to become an administrator, you should simply be active making constructive edits. You also should show good character, such as by obeying wiki rules and official guidelines, and the way you respond on talk pages.