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What the Minecraft Wiki is[edit]

The Minecraft Wiki is for the documentation of the game Minecraft

This wiki is not for content unrelated to Minecraft, nor does most of the Minecraft community fit into the wiki's notability. Information unrelated to Minecraft would belong on a different wiki, and content about the Minecraft community belongs on the forums. See the notability guidelines for more details.

The Minecraft Wiki is editable by almost anyone

Anyone (excluding those whose editing privileges have been revoked) can edit almost every article on the Minecraft Wiki. This may lead to incorrect or outdated being contained in general articles. It may also at times, usually due to vandalism, have content which is offensive to some people or inappropriate.

The Minecraft Wiki is always a work in progress

Not all the relevant information related to Minecraft is contained on the wiki. Articles may be incomplete and some areas of the wiki do not contain much detail. The content of articles and its format may also change at any time.

What the Minecraft Wiki is not[edit]

The Minecraft Wiki is not the place to ask for in game help

The Minecraft Wiki does document the game, but this wiki is not the place to ask for help related to Minecraft. The forums are available for most general help, including servers, snapshots, and mods, and the Official Bug Tracker is where bugs should be reported.

The Minecraft Wiki is not affiliated with Wikipedia

Other than using the same software, the Minecraft Wiki is not connected with Wikipedia. We cannot help you with disputes on Wikipedia, nor do Wikipedia policies apply here.

The Minecraft Wiki is not made by Mojang

While members of Mojang have contributed to articles and Mojang has stated this wiki to be the official wiki of Minecraft, nearly all of the information is written by members of the community who are unaffiliated with Mojang. The information listed may at times not agree with the viewpoints of the individual members of Mojang or Mojang as a whole. Likewise, the wiki does not decide whether a change is a feature or a bug or where the developers will take the game, it simply documents the latest and upcoming forms of the game.

The Minecraft Wiki is not always accurate

While we try to make the wiki as accurate as possible, information may still be incorrect. Vandalism and other false information may go unnoticed for extended periods of time, and even constructive edits are prone to errors or misinformation.

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