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Welcome to my Workbench (name is totally not copied from a certain admin's sandbox). This sandbox varies from my other sandboxes as its primary usage is for designing and redesigning pages.


This page can be transcluded on a project page to transclude the workbench message box. The parameter {{{1}}} can be set to display a description.



Other users besides KnightMiner can mark pages for deletion, though he gets the final say over whether it is marked for deletion or not.

If a page rewrite proposal gets implemented or there is a large consensus to not use the rewrite, the page may be marked for deletion.

On page proposals, when the page is moved no redirect should be left, or if for some reason copy paste move is required, the original here can be marked for deletion. If a page proposal is not accepted, it should not be marked for deletion except by KnightMiner, just leave it in the workbench.


Generally all my projects for the main namespace will be included as sub-pages of this page. Below is a list of current projects and a brief description.