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This is a fully protected edit request.
Once answered, set the parameter answered= to 1.
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This template is used to create an edit request for a page. Use of this template is not required for edit requests, although it make it easier for other users to respond to the edit.


Place this template on the talk page of a page where you have an edit request.

The parameter {{{1}}} can be set to determine the type of edit request. Options are as follows:

  • fully protected - requested edit on an page that only allows administrators to edit. Shortcut full.
  • semi-protected - edit request on a page that only allows autoconfirmed users to edit. Shortcut semi.
  • assistance - request help with an edit that you are unsure of how to perform. Shortcut help.


The parameter {{{answered}}} can be set to 1 once the request has been answered. This include requests that were performed and requests that were denied. Make sure to add a followup comment, especially on denied requests.

If you made a request that was marked as answered, but the edit was not completed properly or the reason provided against the edit is invalid, you can set {{{answered}}} to 0.


This template adds tracking categories to make it easier for users to find the edit requests.

Edit type Category
Fully protected Fully protected edit requests
Semi-protected Semi-protected edit requests
Assistance Edit assistance requests
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