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Since this list has to be manually updated, it may be incomplete or outdated, so links to full lists will be provided at the top of each section.


  • MC-48453 — Using Control Pickblock Places a Cooking Furnace that Does not Appear to Burn
  • MC-51113 — Inner faces are darkened on end portal frames and slime blocks
  • MC-55206 — World border texture jumps eight pixels when moving
  • MC-82351 — Fire overlay appears as missing if not referenced in a model


Full list
  • MC-45160 — When holding a map you have two right arms
  • MC-47811 — The bottom texture of non-full blocks is flipped vertically
  • MC-48512 — Vines no longer have a back face texture
  • MC-48539 — Vines briefly display missing model when breaking Supporting Block
  • MC-50073 — It is possible to change the missing block model
  • MC-50769 — Mooshrooms incorrectly display custom mushroom models
  • MC-61216/setblock gives an unknown error when a block does not have 0 as a damage value
  • MC-62582 — Chests, signs, and ender chests do not render in empty chunks
  • MC-62583 — Destroying the last block model in a chunk causes ghost blocks

Won't fix[edit]

Full list
  • MC-90861 — Dirt and coarse dirt do not properly use their "snowy" states

Works as intended[edit]

Full list
  • MC-46459 — Block Dependent Blocks Render Incorrectly on Barriers, Slime Blocks, and End Portal Frames
  • MC-57935 — Upside-down stairs have wrong texture on top[note 1]
  • MC-64754 — Blocks with different damage values stack when obtained using /give if there are no default variants of the block


Full list
  • MC-44373 — Duplicate of MC-9553 — Slime Blocks render incorrectly in third person or in hand[note 1]
  • MC-50129 — Duplicate of MC-44373 — Parts of semi-transparent models (slime blocks, stained glass) are rendered in the wrong order when in third person or in hand
  • MC-50130 — Duplicate of MC-44373 — Semi-Transparent blocks render parts out of order from certain locations
  • MC-53950 — Duplicate of MC-35920 — Chests, Signs and Mob Heads do not render through semi-transparent entities


  1. a b I did not initially report this issue, but a mod promoted me to reporter due to keeping the issue up to date.