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Sean "Kizzycocoa" Roberts






Swindon, England


Joined Minecraft Wiki

7 July 2010 at 19:35

Hiya! I'm Kizzycocoa.

I'm an old admin of the Minecraft Wiki, and Minecraft's ModDB page. Nowadays, I am primarily a map creator for Source games.

I started playing Minecraft just before Infdev was released, and have since lost interest, mostly due to the lack of a mod API. Plus, it is extremely hard to be into a game for longer than three years. I still play though, on occasion.

I still idle in the IRC channels. I used them to moderate, thanks to my good friend, Miney.

Generally, I'm at my laptop, playing games or creating Source environments. That's pretty much all I do. I don't really have any other hobbies. TV's boring, no consoles offer good games and there isn't much else I can do that's productive.

I ran the ModDB cake campaign, which saw Mojang win the ModDB Indie Game of the Year award.

I try to let the community's opinion outweigh wiki policy, leading to mod scuffles or threats of demotion, as happened with Herobrine. I often use smilies to help convey in what tones I am speaking. I generally get misunderstood in how I say/type things, so they go a long way to help. I try to ensure everyone trying to contact me has an answer, so I'll more than likely reply to any questions and help!

For any questions, please edit my talk page, or try to contact me via Twitter, Skype or Steam. I'm still an admin, mostly out of redundancy. If there is any kind of emergency, I'm more than happy to help out.

Happy editing! ^^

My Userspace Pages

Herobrine - Archive Version. -- A Herobrine page, complete with history and enactment notes. Now a mere archive.