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Block Naturally Generating Sources
Terracotta Badlands Plateaus

In Desert Villages: desert_lamp_1, desert_butcher_shop_1, desert_small_house_4, desert_small_house_8, desert_tannery_1, desert_meeting_point_1

In Plains Villages: plains_masons_house_1

In Savanna Villages: savanna_temple_1

White Terracotta Badlands Plateaus

In Plains Villages: plains_masons_house_1, plains_small_house_2, plains_stable_2, plains_temple_3, plains_temple_4

Orange Terracotta Badlands Plateaus

In Savanna Villages: savanna_armorer_1, savanna_library_1, savanna_small_house_3, savanna_meeting_point_2 Desert Pyramids

Light Blue Terracotta Warm Ocean Ruins
Yellow Terracotta Badlands Plateaus

In Savanna Villages: savanna_fletcher_house_1, savanna_small_house_1, savanna_small_house_5, savanna_small_house_8, savanna_tannery_1, savanna_temple_2, savanna_meeting_point_2

Light Gray Terracotta Badlands Plateaus
Blue Terracotta Desert Pyramids
Brown Terracotta Badlands Plateaus
Green Terracotta In Desert Villages: desert_mason_1
Red Terracotta Badlands Plateaus

In Savanna Villages: savanna_small_house_2, savanna_temple_2