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Java Rogers

Date of birth

5 September 1818 (age 201)




Pacific North-west

Joined Minecraft

Java Edition Beta 1.3

Minecraft username


Joined Minecraft Wiki

2 Feb 2019


English, C, NASM (and MASM), & un poquito de Java

Hiya. I'm Rogers. Java Rogers. I'm a fan both of coding languages and of the English language :)

Contrary to as my name might suggest, I'm not the biggest fan of Java... After learning assembly language, it looks messy and inefficient as hellheck. While I like the name NASM SAM, it's not very close to my own name.

The "Back in my day" section[edit]

My pap and I used to have to swim out into the lake, bucket in hand, and wrangle squids to get milk. We would pull wool off sheep with our bare hands, and there was none of this "stackable food" you young'uns are so used to. If we wanted a lot of food with us, we'd bring two stacks of mushrooms—a stack of brown, a stack of red—and a bowl, and we'd prepare the food while we was out!

Heck, I think I've a vague idea when I started Minecraft. The oldest materials I've got date to September 2011 (Beta 1.8.1), but I know that I p——Oh hey, Mojang's records actually say I registered back in March 2011 (Beta 1.3). I played off my dear friend's account for awhile before that, so my old ass could date to Beta Beta 1.0.

I remember watching the entire How to Survive & Thrive tutorial by paulsoaresjr as each episode came out. I found his first episode, "How to survive your first night", featured on

One of my most memorable worlds had the seed "glacier" or "Glacier", in Beta 1.7. You spawned a short walk from a neat little valley with a bluff inside, and at the edge of the bluff was a giant suspended boulder where I built my base. (Think Ministry of Truth in Vivec City.) I really got into mods after I started that world, and that was back when mods directly modified the game code; you would delete META-INF and overwrite the lettered classes in your minecraft.jar, and you'd have to find most mods on the Minecraft Forum. Anyway, I'd made that bluff into a fortress, defended with turrets. (I don't remember if they were equipped with flamethrowers or not...) A glitch eventually took out a chunk of the bluff down through to the void, so I just built bridges across the gap. Eventually an update totally screwed with the world's biomes and world generation, and ocelots started getting into the woodworks. I didn't abandon it until the save files actually corrupted and I couldn't recover them.

What I work on here[edit]

Lately, on the wiki, I've been focusing on documenting our in-game commands. When I search online for details, I get our Official Minecraft Wiki, some forum posts here and there, one site called, and not a whole lot else in the way of documentation. There are Stack Exchange questions AND answers that cite our wiki here! People use this to learn about the game, and I feel like by analysing game commands and expanding these pages, I'm making an actual difference to the whole Minecraft community, and I love that <3

My babies[edit]

The current versions (as of 6 July 2019) of: