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Jack McKalling
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October 9, 2017


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It is just as difficult to convince people of the truth if they don't believe it, as it is to convince them that their beliefs aren't true
Jack McKalling

Welcome and introduction[edit]

My current homeworld standard inventory,
or my ideal goal for one in other worlds

Hi there, just call me Jack. Although I use this full name and avatar everywhere on the net, it isn't actually my birth name. I'm not going to share that personal information. In fact, I believe everyone should have a (real-looking) alias while surfing, not only because it's cool, but because the medium isn't as personal as being face to face. Privacy is more important than your real life name. What is important, is that the name you use to identify yourself, is in fact your real name.

I've got some experience setting up, running and contributing to an instance of MediaWiki, although I never did extensions yet. I am a senior programmer and web developer in my spare time however, and I have decades of experience with many, many programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL and C#. I put this experience to use by helping out where I see that I can.

For a few years now I've been playing Minecraft, and I like to reflect doing that technical stuff in the game as well. Inventing, automating, figuring out, researching, and perfecting what I have already is what I love to do. In terms of play style, I guess I'm a solo player, but I've worked in teams too. I've been a (senior) moderator, and even Lead moderator on the Chroma Hills server. Currently I'm focussing on some of my own programming projects though, including my own game engine and game editor, while I keep an active eye on the wiki.

Some of my proud minecraft inventions:

  • Redstone Inc.TM (imaginary company label)
  • Moo MachineTM (breed & forget cooked steak machine)
  • JANETTM ("Jack's Nether Transport")
  • Fully Automated Sugarcane Machine

Every now and then I'd also like to play with words and phrases. Some of my favourites:

  • Automation, Machines, Factory, Iron Golem Farm, The Mines, Extreme Hills, Jack-of-all-trades (it's my name!)
  • "Am I correct to assume (...)?"
  • "Words come in all sizes. But even if they suit you well, it doesn't mean they are said at the right moment"

Previous IP addresses[edit]

These IP addresses I have used to edit pages before I registered an account, but I have a different address now:

Useful links[edit]

Here are some links in general:


  • Help:Contents for help with editing
  • Style guide for help with editing on this wiki in particular
  • Wiki rules for the rules on editing on this wiki
  • Projects for joining and participating with editing projects on this wiki