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This list doesn't cover Mob grinders, the killing mechanism in mob farms.

Traps are a common mechanism in survival multiplayer (SMP) built by players to kill other players or mobs automatically. The following is a list of basic traps with a short tutorial that often assumes the reader has a working understanding of the basic concepts required to build the trap. Traps are considered a subset of mechanisms.


The art of trapping[edit]

Traps are devices designed to automatically slay or capture an entity (Commonly called mob traps/farms) or players, either instantaneously or over time.

The traps on this page can be created without too much hassle, and are completely legitimate.

Fundamental traps[edit]

All traps in here only catch newer players, but are fundamental ideas that capture the essence of branches of trap creation.


Traps that exploit a player's natural desire for riches in order to lead him or her to their downfall.

Explosive traps[edit]

  • A good idea when testing explosive traps is to use a block such as a redstone Lamp, which, like TNT, triggers with redstone power, but has less explosive results, so you don't lose an intricate trap due to careless TNT ignition.

Semi-advanced traps[edit]

Many traps require some redstone wiring, but these take a significant amount and requires a basic understanding of redstone circuitry. Explosive traps, those that use TNT, may destroy sections of redstone wire if the explosion occurs too close.


Beware: the following pitfall traps don't necessarily kill the target by falling damage. Some players prefer to use fire, lava, or cactus to deal damage and use the pit as an area the target can't escape before fatal damage has been dealt.

Fluid based traps[edit]

Fluids are often used in traps. Water is generally used to slow players and to drag mobs, but can also be used to drown them. It can also be used to create an explosion that will not damage the environment. Lava works entirely different by igniting the target. It is a very effective way of killing the target, but also destroys drops if they come in contact.