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This user is a bot operated by BabylonAS (talk).
It is used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.

JARVISTheBot (or simply JARVIS, also Werther) is a general-purpose bot owned and maintained by BabylonAS. This bot primarily uses Pywikibot, but is able to run a variety of other programs. The account has administrator privileges on the Russian wiki.

The bot account’s name is an acronym, expanding to "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System", referring to an AI in Iron Man films. A change of name may be considered. Werther software is named after Robot Werther from the classic 1985 Soviet child sci-fi film Guest from the Future. The names Prometheus and Daedalus, originally from Greek mythology, are a reference to the Stargate franchise.

Used software[edit]

  • Pywikibot The account’s principal software, used as a general-purpose bot platform. Supports custom scripts.
  • Werther Prototype highly-modular platform with core written in C. Development status is unclear.
    • FD2642OBR5 (or OBR5) Experimental program written in C and utilizing libcurl for HTTP manipulation and libjson-c for JSON processing. The only thing it can do is to create a page with pre-defined text (the page’s address and contents are hard-coded).
  • Prometheus Experimental speedy blocking software based on OBR5 and used on the Russian wiki against IP addresses engaged in mass vandalism. Supports two modes: individual IP blocking (1 month) and proxy server blocking (1 year). Deprecated in favor of Daedalus software.
  • Daedalus Speedy blocking software which allows customizing all parameters of blocking, used on the Russian wiki. Intended to be used for blocking open proxies. The deprecated C version features detached input (as part of the Werther project development) and uses the same libraries as Prometheus and OBR5. The current Python 3 version features a normal interface and relies on the Requests package for HTTP connection.
  • CarpetBomber Python 3 program for mass page deletion, currently only used on the Russian wiki. It supports multiple threads (each with its own wiki connection) and is based on the Requests package.
  • AutoWikiBrowser Used only once on the Russian Minecraft Wiki, requires Windows to run on.
  • Java Wiki Bot Framework Previously used for experiments.