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ITechieGamer prefers Google Chrome.
ITechieGamer prefers Windows 10.
This user is also on Wikipedia.
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ITechieGamer is also on YouTube.
Grass Block Revision 6.png This user is also on the Minecraft Forums.
Reddit.png ITechieGamer is also on Reddit

Cake.png ITechieGamer's birthday is on March 8!

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This user is a Minecrafter.
ITechieGamer prefers Minecraft Java Edition.
ITechieGamer prefers Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
This user is obsessed with diamonds.
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This user is obsessed with redstone.
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This user prefers an unmodded, vanilla Minecraft.
This user prefers multiplayer.
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ITechieGamer likes to play on Creative Mode.
This user likes to play on Peaceful.
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This user likes to fight.
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This user likes to build redstone circuits.
User:Telinc1/userboxes/Far Lands
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This player has at most reached 25 experience levels or more.
This user loves the Minecraft Wiki!
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ITechieGamer Enjoys Coca-Cola.
This user believes that the chicken was spawned before the egg.
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This user is part of the Structure Blueprints Project.
Bookshelf.png ITechieGamer is at school.
He may be unavailable at times.

Ftb.JPG ITechieGamer is a member of the Feed The Beast Wiki.