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April 23, 2015

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Java and Bedrock

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Anyways, have fun wiki-ing! :D

BrandSPim on User talk:Neutral0814

ITechieGamer, formerly Dentedharp90041, is a random person who plays Minecraft and edits on Minecraft Wiki.


Gamepedia Wikis[edit]

Minecraft Wiki

I sometimes check the wiki if I have time. I mostly visit Special:RecentChanges to check the recent changes made and revert unnecessary edits. I like to create automated scripts to perform heavy wiki tasks, especially when bots and admins are inactive.


Check out my profile in these wikis:

External Wikis[edit]

I also appear on the following external wikis:

Mojira Bug Tracker[edit]

I report bugs in the Mojira bug tracker, if no one else have reported it. This is the reason why I rarely create an issue there.


I try to help the wiki by editing, updating, and improving pages. Here is a list of pages I like/need to edit [highest to lowest priority]:



Java Edition
1.8.1Played Minecraft demo for the first time.
1.8.3Played the full version of Minecraft for the first time.
1.8.4Opened my first ticket on the bug tracker as MC-79844.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.9.4Played Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the first time when it was free for a day in the Google Play Store.
0.9.5My Android tablet broke so I stopped playing the game for a while.
0.10.4Heard that my friends plays MCPE.
0.10.5Installed MCPE on a new Android device.
Opened my first PE ticket on the bug tracker as MCPE-8317.


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