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Minecraft 1.17
Future 1.17.jpeg

Java Edition

Official name

Mountain Update[1]

Release date

Q4 2020[2]

Development versions

Client (.json)

Obfuscation maps


Protocol version


Data version


Other instances
of 1.17

1.17[3], the first release of an unknown update, is a major update to Java Edition with no set release date. It revamps mountains and fixes bugs. It also revamps combat.

Planned additions[edit]



Note:In this section, this assumes that Combat would be updated in 1.17, it is likely that it may be added in an update such as 1.18.

  • generic.attack_reach.
  • New shield indicator.
  • Sneaking, by default, automatically activates the shield.

Blocks and Items[edit]

Snowier Snow
  • Players can sometimes sink into the block.
Snowy Stone
  • Snow on top of stone gives the stone a different texture, like the Grass Block.
New Stone Variants?
  • Looking closely at the video and you see 3 stone textures, the original, the one at the surface, also the snowy stone texture, texture similar to gravel and the final one, a deepstone, texture similar to blackstone.


  • Spawn in mountain biomes.
  • Flee from players.
Even More Mobs??
  • In Minecraft Live 2020, there will be a mob vote, similar to the MINECON Earth 2017 biome vote. Since this event is taking place in October 3rd, 2020, the new mob may be added to this update

Planned changes[edit]



  • Revamped.
  • As these tests are currently at the end of Phase 1 and there will be Phase 2 only, it may be added in 1.17/1.18.


  • Revamped.
  • Inhabited by Goats.
  • Contains snowier snow and snowy stone.
  • May contain new stone variants.

World Generation[edit]

  • Looks more realistic.
  • Have sharper and more jagged peaks.
  • Improved terrain generation.

Blocks and Items[edit]

  • If on top of stone, it becomes snowy stone.
  • If snow falls on top of stone, it becomes snowy stone.


Note:The changes below may be added in a subsequent update such as 1.18.

  • Unlocking a trade no longer freezes/crashes the server.


1.17 will most likely not be announced until a snapshot releases (similar to 1.15), it is however, possible for 1.17 to be announced at Minecraft Live 2020. Interestingly, certain devices in Bedrock Edition are going to be discontinued in October 2020 but this may or may not have anything to to with 1.17.


Note:This fix version is 1.17+ meaning they may be fixed in 1.17, 1.17.x, 1.18, 1.18.x, or even later.

13 issues fixed
From released versions before Combat Tests
  • MC-130449 – Cartographer villager freezes or crashes the game when unlocking explorer maps.
  • MC-130584 – When a structure loads, water sources in the structure spread into waterloggable blocks.
  • MC-169945 – Skeletons don't burn in minecarts while being exposed to daylight.
  • MC-189565 – Some entities do not render inside of spawners and producing error log spam in console, potentially causing lag.
  • MC-190896 – Lag when opening a shipwreck chest containing buried treasure map.
  • MC-195351 – Comparator in compare mode can schedule unneeded tileticks.
  • MC-196542 – Small cleanup for skylight propagation code.
  • MC-197009 – Referencing empty item tag in recipe can crash client.
  • MC-197140 – Jack o'Lantern doesn't come after Carved Pumpkin in Creative Inventory.
  • MC-197524 – Border chunks do not enforce neighbors to be loaded, causing light updates to get stuck.
  • MC-198129 – ReplaceBlobsFeature changed from 1.16.1 to 1.16.2, affecting Basalt Delta generation.
  • MC-198414 – If the angle in /spawnpoint is set to +-infinity, and the player dies, it will kick the player, and upon rejoin will crash the game.
  • MC-198807 – Making piglins and piglin brutes angry at certain entities (like dropped items) crashes the game.