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The Ender Portal is part of the 1.9 pre-release 3 update, but was unfunctional until pre-release. The official release for the Portal is 1.9. It can only be found in strongholds, and it consists of a frame of Ender Portal Frame blocks, five blocks wide, five blocks long, for a total of 16 blocks. Upon placing an Eye of Ender in every Ender Portal Frame block, the portal activates, creating 9 Ender Portal blocks inside the frame, and allowing the player to access The End.

Ender portals are found horizontally within the portal room of a stronghold, over a pool of lava and a staircase containing a Silverfish spawner. Some of the portal frame blocks already have Eyes of Ender in them (1-2), while the rest do not.

Activated Ender Portal viewed from above:

Stepping into an activated Ender Portal transports the player immediately to The End, leaving no time to back out like is possible with a Nether Portal. Upon entering The End, a 5x5 obsidian portal is spawned at (0,72,0), often in midair, and the player is placed on top of it. Due to the lack of a return portal, the Ender Portal is one way and the End cannot be escaped from easily.

The black portal blocks emit light of level 15, which as powerful as Glowstone and is the brightest light level there is. It only takes one block of portal to teleport to The End. Through the use of an inventory hack, you can place these portal blocks anywhere, and they will still function as if they were a complete portal.


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