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Hatsuki kiri
Sleeping Snow Fox.png
Health points

20Heart.svg × 10

Armor points

6 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svg)

Attack strength

4Poisoned Heart.svgPoisoned Heart.svg or 4Withered Heart.svgWithered Heart.svg


Jyura Forest



Internal ID


Namespaced ID


Hatsuki kiri is a strange mob that spawns in Jyura Forest. Obviously, it can not fly.

About Hatsuki kiri[edit]

Hatsuki kiri has just gratuated from high school. To improve his English skills, he is devoting himself into translating the Minecraft Wiki articles into Chinese ones, which means that this user works mainly in Chinese Minecraft Wiki.

To contact him, you can leave a message on his talk page.