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Greetings, I am AttemptToCallNil (can be abbreviated to "ATCN" or "Attempt", writing it as "Nil" is discouraged – but who am I to tell others how to call me?). I am an administrator on this wiki, as well as an administrator and a bureaucrat on the Russian wiki.

I can do a lot of things, but I prefer minor edits, technical maintenance, and maybe participation in discussions. I typically get barely enough WikiPoints, often through vandalism reverts, to get Gamepedia PRO. As I said, I can do a lot of things, including templates, modules, styles, and some JavaScript, however, I am undergoing difficulties in real life, so my participation in substantial and long-term projects will be very low.

I had a bot coded first in Java, then attempted to be re-coded in Rust, but this is a substantial and long-term project...

I have been editing wikis since late 2012, when I made lots of anonymous edits on the Russian wiki. I registered there in October, and became an administrator there in March next year. I was previously known as "GreenStone", then as "User GreenStone" because I had to urgently make up a new name while under offline stress. Unfortunately, in late 2013 and early 2014 most or all other Russian wiki admins became completely inactive and silent, which was followed by a massive real-life crisis (with long-term, probably permanent negative consequences on me).

My computer[edit]

A 1920x1080 monitor, a six-core Ryzen CPU, a Radeon graphics card, 16 GB RAM, and Windows 7. I won't switch to Windows 10 if 7 becomes unusable. I will try a Linux distro if such a thing will still exist.

Accounts on other services[edit]

I chose this username when I had to debug a lot of complex Lua code in my LuaJ-based MediaWiki API client (now defunct) back when I didn't know LuaJ has debug globals, and you don't get backtraces with standard globals.

If an account is not listed here, it may or may not be mine, and I may decline to answer any questions regarding such accounts.

  • Gamepedia Slack: AttemptToCallNil
  • Discord: AttemptToCallNil#1652 (a certain someone has created impostor accounts with the same username and avatar, but with a different ID)
  • Wikimedia projects: AttemptToCallNil (includes English Wikipedia,; autopatrolled on, autopatrolled and rollbacker on Russian Wikipedia, almost inactive there)
  • GitHub: AttemptToCallNil
  • Gitlab: AttemptToCallNil
  • AttemptToCallNil
  • Crowdin: AttemptToCallNil
  • Social networks: Not there, hopefully never will be, and if I will be, you will never know.


For Minecraft, I play Java Edition with mods. Not very frequently.

I like RPGs (the games, not the weapons), sometimes play first-person shooters. That includes titles like Sacred, Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dungeon Siege, Call of Duty, and some others.

I never play multiplayer games.

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