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The IRC channel is a useful venue for wiki-related matters. Discussions usually take place in regards to building the wiki for the better for our future generations. These are some of these discussions.

Wynning her attention[edit]

06:05	Gnu32	cause to have them sectioned off as forks on the same page could overemphasize them
06:05	Gnu32	though then again, if there are so many forks, it's probably worth showing off how popular it is..
06:05	Gnu32	it's a tricky one. wonder what Wyn thinks
06:06	Wyn	right now, I think I'm trying to play Faxion :P
06:07	iKJames	ohai Wyn
06:07	iKJames	We're needing you now I guess
06:07	Wyn	and blinky orange things in my task bar are annoyingly distracting
06:07	Gnu32	maybe they can be merged back into custom servers as long as they're continually purged
06:07	Gnu32	haha, figured that'd work, Wyn
06:07	Gnu32	You see, Wyn, i thought it'd be a good idea to ask for your input
06:07	Gnu32	Seeing as you, Wyn, are worth the input in such matters
06:07	Gnu32	Wouldn't you agree, Wyn?
06:08	iKJames	LOL..overping much?
06:08	Gnu32	nah, just trying to Wyn her attention
06:08	Wyn	gonna have to shoot you or something soon :P
06:08	Wyn	or simply leave :P
06:08	Gnu32	>:
06:08	ultradude25	This is full of Wyn
06:09	ultradude25	Wyntastic even.
06:09		Gnu32 quietly goes back to template programming
06:09	iKJames	lol
06:09	iKJames	I feel bad for Wyn
06:09	iKJames	Sorry Wy- lolno
06:10	iKJames	Wy- they'll stop the pings if you answered
06:10	Wyn	you guys all suck you know that?
06:10	ultradude25	Sorry Wyn
06:10	Gnu32	oh stop Wyn ing
06:10	Gnu32	XD
06:10	ultradude25	We'll be quiet now Wyn
06:10	Wyn	I have no clue what you are talking about
06:10	Gnu32	don't worry neither do i
06:11	ultradude25	Oh and Wyn, before you go...
06:11	ultradude25	Sorry Wyn
06:11	iKJames	we want to know about how we should handle MCSharp/Forks
06:11	Wyn	I've got noob #1 in a party with me, and noob #2 asking for directions, and you three pinging me to death about something you can decide for yourselves
06:11	iKJames	since I want to merge it with the custom server list, in to mcsharp/mclawl as articles or sub articles or something
06:11	iKJames	oh, me and Gnu32 will pick then
06:11	Gnu32	tell noob #2 to go Dennis
06:11	Gnu32	ask #1 if he has booze
3:56 louise4589 HIIII OpS!!