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Welcome to my Sandbox page! This is where I test things before I put them into real pages.

Launcher Page Rewrite[edit]

Organization Categories[edit]

There are many ways to sort your storage room. One major factor is how long you've been playing. This section will be split into 3 sections: Early-Game, Mid-Game, and Endgame.


  • Natural: Anything plant-related (Saplings, seeds, pumpkins, etc.)
  • Ores/Minerals: Ores and minerals collected by mining.
  • Domestic Creations: Anything crafted or smelted.
  • Mob Drops: Loot collected from monsters.
  • Unspecified: Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.


  • Natural: Anything plant-related (Saplings, seeds, pumpkins, etc.)
  • Woodstuffs: Anything and everything made completely of wood (Logs, planks, sticks, wooden doors, boats, etc.)
  • Ores/Minerals: Ores and minerals collected by mining, excluding coal and redstone.
  • Domestic Creations: Anything crafted or smelted that doesn't fit into any other category.
  • Mob Drops: Loot collected from monsters, excluding food.
  • Foodstuffs: Any and all food that you aren't carrying around.
  • Redstone: Everything redstone-related (dust, repeaters, redstone torches, etc.)
  • Flint/Coal: All of your coal and flint, stored in your furnace room.

  • Natural: Plants, weeds, and stuff you'd find in the natural world. (Ex. Saplings, Cacti, Tall Grass, Leaves, etc.)
  • Wood: Anything having to do with wood. (Ex. Logs, planks, sticks, Fences, Boats, Signs, etc.)
  • Mob Drops: Anything a mob might have dropped that's not food or potion ingredient. (Ex. Rotten Flesh, Eggs, Ender Pearls, Feathers, etc.)
  • Food: Any and all food that's not currently on your player. (Ex. Porkchop, Beef, Bread, Chicken, the raw counterparts, Carrots, and any other delicious food-like items too.)
  • Stone: This means all the blocks and items that you have that are made of stone, with stone, or just in general have something to do with stone.
  • Nether: All blocks and items pertaining to the Nether, unless used for potions, in which those items would be in the alchemy room. (Ex. Netherrack, Nether Brick, Nether Brick Stairs and Slabs, Golden Nuggets, etc.)
  • Wool: There's many different colors of wool, so it gets its own chest. (Ex. Dyes, Shears, Wool, etc.)
  • Combat Gear: Here is where all your weapons; TNT, armor, and, flint and steel go.
  • Ores/Minerals: Anything mined out of the Earth. (Ex. Iron Ore/Ingots, Gold Ore/Ingots, Diamonds, etc.)
  • Extra Tools: All extra tools that you have but do not need at the moment. (Ex. Hoe, Axe, etc.)
  • Mining Gear: Gear and tools that you need when going down into you favorite mineshaft, torches, pickaxes, buckets, really, anything that you would take with you whilst mining.
  • Utilities/Junk: Anything else that do not fit any other categories and mechanical things. (Ex. Redstone Torches, Repeaters, Enchanted Books, etc.)
  • Extra Flint/Coal: Placed next to your furnaces, this chest will hold all of your extra flint and coal.
  • Shared Stash: You only need this chest if you are doing this on a multiplayer server where you are bunking with friends, that way, they will know if it is okay to borrow some dirt, or if all of your stuff has an invisible "HANDS OFF!" sign on it.
  • Brewing This, like the name suggests, means you put all your potions in here, along with potion ingredients, spare cauldrons, brewing stands, anything that has to do with the rich and varied world of potions.

Achievement Guide Table[edit]

Achievement Guide Table

Schematics Testing[edit]