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MainMenu Minceraft.png

I created this resource pack simply to provide a way for me to take screenshots of the Minceraft easter egg.

Download here

Fun fact: If the Minceraft easter egg were to happen with this resource pack active, it would actually go back to looking like "Minecraft".

High Resolution Title[edit]

Exhelah HighResTitleRP.png

For those who prefer the Minecraft logo to look really fancy, I copied the texture from the LIFE HD resource pack and put it into its own pack.

Download here

I recommend also using the Faithful 32x32 resource pack with this, as seen in the screenshot.

My In-Game Resource Pack Setup[edit]

Here is the setup I use for my resource packs, and I will provide download links to each of them. The list is how it would be viewed on the list in-game:

High resolution title: Download
Equanimity smoke particles fix: Download
Equanimity grass fix: CurseForge
Equanimity: MC Forums
Faithful 32x: MC Forums