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Welcome to my "Helpfuls" page! Here I will post some things that I find to be very useful while editing the wiki. Feel free to poke around!


{{DISPLAYTITLE}} is a useful script that allows you to change the appearance of the header of a page. Be warned: This is not allowed on any page except personal userpages and will be deleted if you attempt to use it on other pages.

{{DISPLAYTITLE: <span style="font-family:Verdana">user:Exhelah<small><sub>/helpfuls</sub></small></span>}} displays the title as you see it above.


1.8 Biomes MixedForest.png

This bit simply lowers all of the text following it to below the last floating object on the page. For example, the next paragraph will have one before it, and you'll see that it is below the picture on the right.

This is the next paragraph!