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Real name

Steven Verberne




The Netherlands


14 September, 1998


Dutch (native) and English (used all the time)

Minecraft name


Twitter account


Reddit account


Discord account


Plays in

Latest snapshot

Currently studying

ICT & Software

Known for
  • Being an admin on this wiki
  • Being an ex-moderator for MoJIRA and the Minecraft discord
  • Moderating r/MinecraftInventions
  • Luigi's Mansion maps
  • Being direct, no sugarcoating messages
  • Often sounding mean unintentionally

Contacting me[edit]

You can contact me on twitter and discord, do note that in discord I do not accept friend requests.


You’re free to contact me for help with commands, NBT, map making, data pack or resource pack help. You can ask for help, but don’t assume I’ll do the work for you.

I am not familiar with bedrock’s behavior packs though. I’m not your support desk, I won’t just give you the commands, as then you still don’t know what you’re doing; instead I try to lead you to the corrected commands, with you figuring it out yourself.


Do not contact me for my account, or cape, they are not for sale and I won't direct you to anybody who may want to sell theirs; in fact, selling accounts is against the EULA from mojang, and as such illegal.

If you want a cape, go earn your own, rather than buy them.

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Personal schedule[edit]

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This section is a work in progress.
Please help in the creation of this user page by expanding or improving it.
The talk page may contain suggestions.
Notes: Everything: studies, wiki, MC, and (to actually get active again) MoJIRA
Not 100% accurate
This scedule is not 100% accurate, and never will be.
I may spend more or less time on things depending on my mood, how tired I am, or just other non-weekly planned things.

Timezone: UTC/GMT +1:00


During Java Edition beta 1.7Started playing Minecraft.
9 May 2013Joined the wiki, yet being very inactive.
8 December 2013Joined MoJIRA.
4 May 2014Released Luigi's Mansion map.
24 June 2014Released Luigi's Hidden Mansion map, a harder and mirrored version.
4 July 2015Released Luigi's Mansion Arena map, fighting all bosses of the hidden mansion in a random order.
23 February 2016Became a MoJIRA moderator.
21 July 2017‎Started to become active on the wiki.
28 July 2018Quit being a MoJIRA moderator.
Greatly dropped MoJIRA activity.
17 January 2019Joined Helen and Gratzke in Thursdays' official Minecraft livestreams.
7 February 2019Joined official Minecraft livestream in voice chat for first time.
3 March 2019Fully left MoJIRA, by making it inaccessible to log in.
Got administrator permissions on the wiki.
19 June 2019Became a Minecraft discord moderator.
4 September 2019Reconsidering getting active again on MoJIRA, due to run-ins and opinions on numerous bugs.
Restored MoJIRA account.
1 April 2020Resigned as Minecraft discord moderator for a short while.
21 April 2020Reinstated as Minecraft discord moderator as he kept reporting people anyways.
19 August 2020Resigned as moderator, now permanently, and left the Minecraft discord.