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1984 (age 33-ish)


Programmer (and former ICT Support Technician)





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DelboyDylan is a dude who likes himself some Minecraft. He also enjoys writing, and likes information to be accurate and concise. Hence why he's here 😉

Warrior Herobrine Skin

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Tracked Bugs[edit]

User Wynthyst sig icon.png = On the back burner (aka Postponed)
Totem of Undying.png = Future Fixed
Mojang logo.svg = Assigned to a Mojangsta

73 issues tracked

From released versions[edit]

MC-610 - Grass / Flowers / Snow / Trees are placed incorrectly in newly created chunks Postponed Mojang logo.svg
MC-696 - Pets disobeying sit commands by helping player when attacked and within a certain radius
MC-1578 - Cannot move backwards in Books/Signs while writing / Cannot copy anything from the book
MC-2025 - Mobs going out of fenced areas/suffocate in blocks when loading chunks Mojang logo.svg
MC-2518 - No breaking sound or particle effect for some tools and all armor
MC-3329 - Naturally generated light sources (fire, glowstone, torches etc.) sometimes do not emit light
MC-3927 - Iron golems spawning in half slabs / glass / farmland / grass path
MC-9568 - Mobs suffocate / go through blocks when growing up near a solid block
MC-14826 - Leads in unloaded chunks break, become invisible or connect to an invisible target far away Postponed Mojang logo.svg
MC-23830 - Terrain inside villager hut
MC-27535 - Not all Hostile/Passive mobs renamed with a name tag are "anti-despawnable"
MC-28440 - Sitting child pets teleporting to owner when growing up
MC-35856 - Multiple background songs playing at one time / automatic music overlap (not Jukebox music)
MC-57057 - Guardian laser attack sound ignores distance Mojang logo.svg
MC-75347 - Lead not working on skeleton or zombie horse Mojang logo.svg
MC-81467 - Parts of structures replaced by water or lava lakes
MC-83039 - End City chests generate destroyed, items on the ground
MC-83367 - Non-solid blocks in End Cities / Woodland Mansions sometimes dropped on ground / missing
MC-83938 - Standing on entities with solid collision boxes (shulkers, boats) kicks you for flying
MC-90062 - Server spams "Player/Vehicle moving too quickly" to the log when players are using Elytra/Boats or flying at max. speed Mojang logo.svg
MC-91136 - Lighting update is delayed at chunk borders
MC-92437 - "Player moved wrongly!" in Game Output when eating chorus fruit
MC-93132 - Missing lighting updates for lazy chunks
MC-94013 - End Stone Bricks are less durable than End Stone and destroyed by the Ender Dragon
MC-98316 - Wrong subtitles caused by missing distinction
MC-100830 - Horse on stairs "moved wrongly!" error
MC-101247 - Disappearing Horses
MC-103516 - Spider and chicken jockeys only spawn the additional mob
MC-107422 - Woodland mansion cuts through terrain, generating rough edges Mojang logo.svg
MC-107637 - Missing rows of birch planks and carpet at the top of the stairs (going to the 3rd floor) in some Woodland Mansions Mojang logo.svg
MC-107916 - Natural structures generate through Woodland Mansions Mojang logo.svg
MC-108686 - The totem of undying lacks a proper outline, causing texture bugs Mojang logo.svg
MC-110098 - Woodland Mansion missing some blocks on inside of roof
MC-111442 - Fireworks do not damage the ender dragon / ender crystals / boat / minecart / painting / item frame Mojang logo.svg
MC-111473 - Player activated fireworks do not count as a player kill when determining drops Mojang logo.svg
MC-111493 - Fireworks do not cause knockback to either the player or mobs Mojang logo.svg
MC-111498 - Fireworks/water bottles damage don't make neutral mobs angry/hostile Mojang logo.svg
MC-111502 - Fireworks damage don't make passive mobs flee in panic Mojang logo.svg
MC-114274 - The rotation of some blocks in hand/GUI does not match rotation when placed
MC-116875 - Taking out any item from the output of brewing stand, you can get the advancement 'Local Brewery'
MC-117323 - Parrots don't avoid cactus blocks or lava when flying to owner Postponed Mojang logo.svg
MC-118238 - Torches can be placed on top of glass, but not on side
MC-118327 - Parrots cannot teleport onto non-full cube / transparent blocks
MC-118372 - Faulty netty-4.1.9.Final release causes players to be kicked from the server
MC-118501 - Flowers behave oddly when blocks are placed on them
MC-120594 - World generation spawns too many monsters at the same place
MC-120687 - Desert churches have sandstone stairs inside of a cobblestone building
MC-121243 - Failed writes due to "No space left on device" are not currently treated as "fatal"
MC-122763 - Renaming an item in an anvil has an inconsistent renaming cost that scales with the enchantments on the item

From the 1.13 development versions[edit]

MC-121285 - Crash on start when resolution is changed in profile Mojang logo.svg
MC-121799 - Cannot summon lightning bolt
MC-122153 - /gamemode does not provide success message
MC-122257 - Item name above hotbar appears every time the durability of the item gets changed
MC-122308 - Zombies can no longer break wooden doors
MC-122354 - Flying with elytra crash game / kicks player
MC-122369 - Village center is offset
MC-122428 - Fire doesn't disappear
MC-122538 - Iron Golems no longer spawn
MC-122626 - Unable to tab-complete player names outside of commands
MC-122817 - Game crashes when clicking on a recipe in the recipe book: java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
MC-122864 - Tamed llamas, donkeys, and mules cannot be named with a name tag
MC-123041 - Cannot ride the tamed horse, when hold the tools, weapons and non-food items
MC-123055 - Villagers not breeding, recognizing houses or farming
MC-123087 - Fences, glass panes and iron bars in mineshafts, villages and strongholds generate with wrong block state
MC-123351 - Growing grass with bonemeal deletes upper block
MC-123769 - Some item names that previously had colors doesn't have colors anymore + enchantment level text bug
MC-123811 - Horses (and llamas, etc) show default name as "HorseChest"
MC-123836 - Double blocks aren't loaded in structures
MC-124098 - jeb_ sheep don't change color
MC-124102 - Book signing shows the author name as string representation of the text-component
MC-124114 - Parrots are not visible on the shoulders
MC-124137 - Varieties of /teleport create ambiguities for tab-completion and syntax highlighting
MC-124357 - Green pixels on iron horse armor


Official release
1.8.8 Purchased Minecraft. (October 24, 2015)
Joined the ASMR Angel's Angelcraft server. (October 29, 2015)
First death during legitimate survival gameplay. Damn you zombie pigman! (November 20, 2015)
1.9.2 Started directly assisting with administering the Angelcraft server. (April 24, 2016)
1.10.2 Joined the Minecraft bug tracker. (July 27, 2016)
Submitted my first bug report (MC-105652). (July 27, 2016)
1.11 16w39c Joined the Minecraft Wiki. (October 2, 2016)
First wiki edit. (October 2, 2016)
16w43a Joined the Gamepedia Slack Community. (November 1, 2016)
16w44a Became a GamepediaPRO user for being an active editor. (November 4, 2016)
1.11.2 Changed skin to that of a warrior version of Herobrine.The skin can be found here. (December 21, 2016)
Second death during legitimate survival gameplay. Fell down a hole! (January 1, 2017)
Became a Helper on the Minecraft bug tracker. (January 4, 2017)
1.13 17w47b Started the Delboycraft server. (November 26, 2017)
17w48a Third death during legitimate survival gameplay. Blown up by a creeper! (December 1, 2017)


Issues relating to “DelboyDylan” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.


Gordon Freeman Skin


DelboyDylan prefers Minecraft Java Edition
DelboyDylan likes to play on Survival Mode.
DelboyDylan likes to explore.
Mega Taiga.png
DelboyDylan loves Mega Taiga Biomes.
Red Shulker Box.png
DelboyDylan loves the Shulker Box.
DelboyDylan administrates 2 servers.
DelboyDylan prefers Google Chrome.
DelboyDylan begrudgingly uses Windows 10.