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Yes, this is Blender

To make renders, like the one showing right, you need a 3D graphics software, like 3DS Max. But it will be better to use free and lightweight Blender.


You will need:

Now you have to install Blender. Put the texture of block you want make render for to a convient for you place.

Working in Blender[edit]

Open downloaded file, you will see this:

Creating block render 1.png

On the right side, where there is elements list: World, Camera, Sun, left, right, top. left, right, top — block sides. Default they the same texture. To change it choose, for example, left (click on it) and in tabs panel choose icon, looking like chessboard. Look down, you will see “C:\Users\Admin\Pictures\Divine\руда\реалмит текстура.png”. It is path to the texture. Click the folder icon, that is located right from the string.

Creating block render 2.png

File browser will be opened. Choose your texture.

Creating block render 3.png

You might see, that the main cube changed it’s texture.

Creating block render 4.png

Now press F12, you will see this:

Creating block render 5.png

It is preview of the block render, it is not saved. To save it press F3. The file browser will be opened again. Choose the place, the render will be saved in and change the file name from untitled.png to the block name you are making render for. Done! Now in the chosen folder the block render image 150×150.

Resolution and anti-aliasing[edit]

To make Grid images or enable anti-aliasing you have to go to scene or render settings. To do it click the camera icon in the tabs panel. The render options will be showed.


In “Dimensions” group under “Resolution” there are two parameters: X and Y, the first is weight and the second is height of the rendered image. For example, to make a Grid version of the render it is needed to set the params to 32×32.

Creating block render Resolution.png


Leaf down, you will see group called “Anti-aliasing”. To enable anti-aliasing put a tick in front of the string. You can also choose anti-aliasing quality (5, 8, 11, or 16). I will choose 8. Then do as usual — F12 and then F3 and save the image.

Creating block render Anti-aliasing.png