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User:CrsBenjamin/Video policy

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The video policy describes when and how a video can be included in an article on the Minecraft Wiki. This policy applies only to mainspace articles. Official Curse videos are exempt from most of these rules and subject to a special policy included below.

Embedded videos[edit]

When to use them[edit]

Embedded videos are only permitted in articles when an animation is necessary to illustrate some of the mentioned concepts, and a static image cannot fulfill this role alone. Examples of this would include the movement or attack patterns of enemies, the particle effects of certain game elements, the special effects of certain blocks, etc.

Videos explaining techniques, constructions, etc. "how to" are allowed only on tutorial pages.

For mod pages, the authors of the article may add videos at their own discretion.

Video contents[edit]

Embedded videos should be completely neutral, entirely for illustrative purposes, preferably without voiced (or written) comments, and re-usable on the alternative-language wikis. Blatant self-promotion is not allowed.

How to embed videos[edit]

YouTube videos should be embedded using {{yt|id}} or {{yt|id|width}}. The recommended usage is with centered position and default sizing.

On pages where there are a large amount of videos, it is advised to embed using {{CollapsedVideo}} to save space and prevent long page loads.

Other videos[edit]

As a general rule, no other videos are allowed on mainspace articles. There is one exception though:

  • References: If a video is the direct reference to the content of an article, then it may appear in the references (as a textual external link).

Curse Videos[edit]

Curse videos are those produced by Curse and/or placed on content pages by Curse Staff. These videos are placed at or near the top of a content page by staff members to help achieve certain business goals. These videos should be directly relevant to the page they are on and to the most recent version of Minecraft. Videos should also be placed in a manner that is as least disruptive as possible to other content on the page such as below the lede and above the ToC or in the upper right corner (on pages without a leading image or infobox). Curse videos should not be altered or removed without communicating with Curse staff via the procedure below.

If a Curse video is no longer relevant and up to date or if a community member believes the placement of the video disproportionately affects the layout of other page content, a discussion should be started on the Talk page for the article and a message left on the page of the staff member who added the video to alert them of the discussion (if it is not possible to identify the staff member who added the video, notify User:CrsBenjamin). No action should be taken to remove or alter the placement of a video until Curse staff has participated in the discussion and consensus has been reached with them. If necessary, a {{Video note}} can be added to indicate the video is under discussion (and linking to that discussion). In the event that the notified Curse staff member has not replied to the discussion within 3 business days, an e-mail should be sent to