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Most of these projects do not exist.
I have not created most of these projects yet, but I plan to do so.

There are pages I am working on. Some can be coverted to there own page, but most will have to be brought to another page and marked as pending deletion.

Project Purpose Will It become its own page if others agree?
Sponge Many users want to merge wet sponge with sponge. No
Obsidian Glowing obsidian has been suggested to be merged with technical blocks, but according to the talk page, it should probably be merged with obsidian. No
Hiding your items The page "Tutorials/Hiding resources" was deleted because of the way it was created, but there should be a tutorial on hiding items. Yes
Sandstone Many users deny that red sandstone should be merged with sandstone, but I think they should. No
1.0.0 0.11.0 appears to be close to done. 1.0.0 needs to be revealed. Unknown[note 1]
Frnceq template A shortcut to the mod version of {{Grid/Furnace}} Yes
MATTIS Planned to be a template simalar to {{Grid/Crafting Table}} and {{Grid/Inventory Table}}, but is designed to look like the MATTIS crafting system. Yes
  1. Versions of MCPE have been suggested to be given there own pages. Discuss