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I am a user in school.
I may be unavailable at times.

Welcome to my page.

Basic Facts[edit]

I play on IOS.
I use only renewable resources, except for temporary purposes.
I get all my arrows from skeletons.
♥ I play in survival mode.


Here is a series of events. The times of the occurrence are given as versions of MCPE on IOS.

On the Minecraft wiki[edit]

Event Current version
I now read the wiki 0.9.5
I now edit pages 0.10.4
I now have an account 0.10.4 (0.11.0 is estimated to be released soon)

In Minecraft[edit]

Event Current version
First saw Minecraft 0.4.0 (version was just released)
First played Minecraft 0.5.0
First played in creative mode 0.7.4
Downloaded Minecraft 0.8.1
I no longer play peaceful intentionally. 0.9.5 (0.10.0 was released soon after)