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These are my special builds. Any that I have not built yet are labeled Upcoming.

Vertical hidy hole[edit]

A top view of a vertical hidy hole

This is a simple but effective structure for use on your first night. Start by making the walls shown above until they are three blocks high. The place the ladders and add a trapdoor. Now you can start digging to the stone.


When you get out, you can see any mobs that may be coming. They have virtually no way to get you by surprise.

Farm roof[edit]

A cross section of a farm with a roof

You can build a roof over your farm like the one shown above.

  • Spiders cannot climb into your farm.
  • Endermen cannot teleport into your farm.

Two-level murder hole system (upcoming)[edit]

A side view of a murder hole

Build a hole like the one shown above. Note that the underground opening should face your house. Then build several more murder holes around your house and dig an underground passageway to connect them.

  • Mobs cannot escape, making them very easy to kill manually.
  • Zombies and skeletons are under a block, preventing them from burning. This means that you can get items such as armor and iron ingots easily.

Manuel killing chamber (upcoming)[edit]

This is an underground arena that mobs can spawn in. You can enter it and collect mob loot.

  • Does not require any expensive materials to make
  • Can get drops that only appear when killed by the player, including experience
  • Requires potions for each use
  • Does not produce as much as an automatic farm
  • Cannot get as much