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I am a user on the Minecraft wiki. In signatures, I appear as The Blobs, but my actual username is Blobs2. In talk pages, you may refer to me by either name.

Unique constructions


Renewable Resources[edit]

In certain cases, particularly in combat, I use only renewable resources. The exception is for blocks and items that will only need to be made a finite number of times. For example, I make beacons because they last forever, whereas I do not craft arrows because they require non-renewable flint.

I will use non-renewable items with durability because I can eventually get Mending on my items.

There are also items that are renewable but are easier to obtain in a non-renewable way.

Item Common, non-renewable method Renewable method
Arrows Crafting using flint Killing skeletons

Buying from fletcher villagers

Glass Smelting sand Buying from librarian villagers

Note: When getting glass bottles, it is also possible to get them by fishing or killing witches.

Golden food and potion ingredients Mining gold ore Killing zombie pigmen
Smelting Mining coal Burning wood planks

Getting coal from wither skeletons

There are also resources that are renewable but do not need to be. This is because in any given area, the player can only use them finitely many times. Any excess items will clutter the player’s inventory, and will need to be thrown into lava or cactus.

Mob drops


McPeLogo.png This user plays almost exclusively in bedrock edition.
Half Heart.svg This user prefers survival mode.
Sand.png This user likes to do Minecraft-related experiments.
Stone Sword.png This user perfers to play on normal difficulty.
Stone Axe.png This user uses stone tools


Stone Pickaxe.png This user likes to mine.
This user likes to explore caves.
Netherrack.png This user likes to go to the nether.
This user has seen 1 pink sheep.
This user has seen the Mushroom Island biome.
Diamond.png This user has made more than 2,000 edits on the Minecraft wiki

On the wiki[edit]

Most of my edits are results of previous edits in the recent changes. However, I also do the following:

  • Make an edit based on an in-game discovery
  • Start discussions
  • Check the categories for merging and moving
  • Add dablinks and disambiguation pages


The purpose of this section is to show which discussions need comments
Please participate in the discussions.

I am part of the following discussions:

  • Merging all 3 types of potatoes (discuss)

  • A disambiguation page for types of enchantments (view|discuss)

  • An alternative to templates like pocket (discuss)

On other wikis[edit]

In addition to the Minecraft wiki, I have edited three other Gamepedia wikis:

On the Minecraft Forums[edit]

I have suggested a few features on the forums.