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This is a userbox. Use it to indicate you are obsessed with some item in Minecraft (i.e. really like to have it!). Usage: {{User:AwesomeMan31415926/mybox/obsessed|IMAGEFILE|ITEMNAME|OPTIONALFARMINGTUTORIAL}}.

This was inspired by a series of "obsessed" usertags by xZippy31814. (I figured I wanted us to have a more general "obsessed" usertag that could show any item and that could show a tutorial page to farming the stuff if it can be farmed, so that's why I made this particular userbox.)


Renewable resource[edit]

{{User:AwesomeMan31415926/mybox/obsessed|Coal.png|coal|Tutorials/Wither skeleton farming}}

Coal JE4 BE3.png This user is obsessed with coals which can be farmed.

Non-renewable resource[edit]


Sponge JE3 BE3.png This user is obsessed with spongess.