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The seed picker is an exclusive feature of Pocket Edition that allows a user to choose one of several predefined seeds when creating a new world.


The seed picker is built into the world creation user interface. From the main menu, select Play, then Create New. In the Create... panel with the New World tab selected, select Generate Random to open the Create New World panel. Finally, select the arrow next to the Seed box to display the Seed Picker panel.

The Seed Picker is a scrolling array of named thuumbnails, small pictures hinting at the characteristics of the world each seed generates. The user can select a seed directly, or can enter text in the Search box at the top to limit the array to seeds with matching names. Once a seed is chosen, the game returns to the Create New World panel with the seed number filled in.

Seed library[edit]

In Pocket Edition version 1.0, the seed picker offers the following world choices:

Name Seed Image
Cliffside Village -334399639 300px
Coastal Village -1813740965 300px
Epic Cliffs -736548993 EpicCliffs.jpg
Jungle Temple 1558083136 300px
Ice Spikes Village 1410403532 IceSpikesVillage.jpg
Mesa Plateau 128388 MesaPlateau.jpg
Mountain View Village 1474137368 300px
Mushroom Island 1404986100 300px
Ocean Monument Ahead -513070979 300px
Savannah Island -560637684 300px
Snow Day -1237332647 300px
Stronghold Village -1804478546 StrongholdVillage.jpg
Sunflower Field 654775433 300px
Survival Islands 2189910 SurvivalIslands.jpg
Taiga Bay 805966260 TaigaBay.jpg
Vast Desert Oasis 961601796 300px
Village Island -1060246543 300px
Winding River 95475027 300px


Pocket Edition
1.0build 1Added seed picker with 6 seeds.
1.1Added 12 more seeds.


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