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This page is a collection of background information for moving the Skin/Skin pack subpage to its own main page article. Whether it should be moved still needs consensus from User:ItsPlantseed (the most recent principal editor) and User:Bbob1937 (who tagged the page {{wipNeedHelp}}).

The subpage Skin/Skin pack is the target of a number of links and redirects, including a redirect from Skin pack, the intended target page of the move. The first step should thus be to replace the content of the main page with the subpage content, and immediately replace the subpage content with {{redirect|Skin pack}}.

That will cause a number of links to the subpage to become links to a redirect, and redirects to the subpage to become double-redirects. The latter should be replaced with links to Skin pack immediately. The former can then be replaced as time permits.

References to the Skin/Skin pack subpage[edit]


Skin Packs
Skin pack
Skin packs


What Links Here returns hundreds of pages, but most of them result from the transclusion of one of the following templates. Fix the templates first.

Template:Console Edition (links to anchor #Console Edition)

After the template links are fixed, do another search for any links from other namespaces.

I still need to recursively search for redirects and links to referencing pages!