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Greetings, I am AttemptToCallNil (can be abbreviated to "ATCN" or "Attempt", writing it as "Nil" is discouraged – but who am I to tell others how to call me?). I am an administrator on this wiki, as well as an administrator and a bureaucrat on the Russian wiki.

I can do a lot of things, but I prefer minor edits, technical maintenance, and maybe participation in discussions. I typically get barely enough WikiPoints, often through vandalism reverts, to get Gamepedia PRO. As I said, I can do a lot of things, including templates, modules, styles, and some JavaScript, however, I am undergoing difficulties in real life, so my participation in substantial and long-term projects will be very low.

I had a bot coded first in Java, then attempted to be re-coded in Rust, but this is a substantial and long-term project...

I have been editing wikis since late 2012, when I made lots of anonymous edits on the Russian wiki. I registered there in October, and became an administrator there in March next year. I was previously known as "GreenStone", then as "User GreenStone" because I had to urgently make up a new name while under offline stress. Unfortunately, in late 2013 and early 2014 most or all other Russian wiki admins became completely inactive and silent, which was followed by a massive real-life crisis (with long-term, probably permanent negative consequences on me).

My computer[edit]

A 1920x1080 monitor, a six-core Ryzen CPU, a Radeon graphics card, 16 GB RAM, and Windows 7. I won't switch to Windows 10 if 7 becomes unusable. I will try a Linux distro if such a thing will still exist.

Accounts on other services[edit]

I chose this username when I had to debug a lot of complex Lua code in my LuaJ-based MediaWiki API client (now defunct) back when I didn't know LuaJ has debug globals, and you don't get backtraces with standard globals.

If an account is not listed here, it may or may not be mine, and I may decline to answer any questions regarding such accounts.

  • Gamepedia Slack: AttemptToCallNil
  • Discord: AttemptToCallNil#1652 (a certain someone has created impostor accounts with the same username and avatar, but with a different ID)
  • Wikimedia projects: AttemptToCallNil (includes English Wikipedia,; autopatrolled on, autopatrolled and rollbacker on Russian Wikipedia, almost inactive there)
  • GitHub: AttemptToCallNil
  • Gitlab: AttemptToCallNil
  • AttemptToCallNil
  • Crowdin: AttemptToCallNil
  • Social networks: Not there, hopefully never will be, and if I will be, you will never know.


For Minecraft, I play Java Edition with mods. Not very frequently.

I like RPGs (the games, not the weapons), sometimes play first-person shooters. That includes titles like Sacred, Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dungeon Siege, Call of Duty, and some others.

I never play multiplayer games.

Useful links[edit]

And now with the far less fun part[edit]

Statement of Distrust[edit]

Due to an unceasing pattern of detrimental actions by people who outrank me, including the staff of whatever organization is hosting this wiki (currently Gamepedia and Fandom), I act with a set of assumptions I feel should be listed here. This is entirely caused by actions of my "superiors" over the course of my life, and this general distrust may not be reversible even if the pattern completely ceases and never resumes.

  1. I will assume staff members are familiar with and subject to the policies for administrative tools also available for non-staff in the same manner as non-staff who possess such tools.
    1. I will also assume intentional staff misuse of these tools has occurred, occurs, and will occur, and no action against such staff members will be taken in most cases.
  2. I will not assume all decisions presented by a small number of staff members, but implied to have been made after an opaque discussion by more staff members, have actually involved any such discussion and are not purely the will of either one or a few high-ranking staff members, or an executive officer with limited knowledge of wikis, but the ability to make final decisions on wiki matters.
    1. This non-assumption includes that any referred to opaque legal counsel may have not existed.
  3. I will assume any restriction imposed by any staff member on a substantial contributor or a group of contributors is equivalent to a Wikimedia office action and either has necessary approval of other staff or doesn't need such approval.
    1. For bans, blocks and demotions, I will assume they have no formal appeal process, may be irreversible if permanent, and are not subject to any community feedback, consensus or approval.
  4. I will assume any communication channel which is read by any staff member has all its content accessible to other staff members, and disclosure of such content to other staff members may be done with no consent request and no notification to other participants, even if such consent or notification is legally required.
    1. This assumption includes that all restricted-access Discord channels with staff presence, and direct messages to staff members, will be read by other staff members.