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Welcome to My User Page![edit]

Добро пожаловать на мою личную страницу!

I don't know much English, so there are mistakes here.

Asassin 1 is an administrator and active user on the Russian Minecraft Wiki. I'm watching for updates of the Java Edition, roll back vandals's edits and correct mistakes in articles. Have a premium account. Often appear on talk pages. I wrote more than 400 articles on the Russian Wiki.

About me[edit]

I live in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. I started to play Minecraft in November 2012. I bought a premium in November 2013. I have made 19000 edits on the Russian Minecraft Wiki.
I have extensive experience of the play with Divine RPG and Galacticraft mods. Not bad know English (I hope so).


Asassin 1 prefers Google Chrome.
Asassin 1 prefers a PC.
Asassin 1 prefers Windows 10.
Asassin 1 prefers Android.
Apple iOS.svg
Asassin 1 prefers iOS.
8-bit user icon.png
This user's account in Minecraft is TheWorstWarrior.
This user played Minecraft during Minecraft 1.0!
Asassin 1 prefers Minecraft Java Edition.
Coal JE4 BE3.png
This user is obsessed with coal.
Iron Ingot JE2 BE2.png
This user is obsessed with iron.
Diamond JE3 BE3.png
This user is obsessed with diamonds.
Enchanted Aether Grass (The Aether).png
This user prefers a modded, non-vanilla Minecraft.
This user prefers multiplayer.
Minecraft Creative.pngHeart.svg
Asassin 1 likes to play on both Creative and Survival.
This user likes to play on Normal.
Diamond Pickaxe JE3 BE3.png
This user likes to mine.
This user likes to explore.
TNT JE2 BE2.png
This user likes to destroy stuff.
This user has slain the Ender Dragon.
Asassin 1 has slain the Wither.
XP Level75 Orb Animation.gif
This player has at most reached 75 experience levels or more.
Asassin 1 loves Plains Biomes.
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg
Asassin 1 is Kazakh.

Some links[edit]

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