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I am a Minecraft Wiki contributor.

Also, I am maintaining Hydrawiki's interface translation (Chinese).

Sorry for my poor English. XD

My project[edit]

Currently none.


Grass Block Revision 6.png
This user prefers an unmodded, vanilla Minecraft.
Enchanted Aether Grass (The Aether).png
This user prefers a modded, non-vanilla Minecraft.
≤β This user prefers older versions of Minecraft.
Grass Block Revision 6.png This user's latest version of Minecraft is 1.6.4.
Diamond Pickaxe.png
This user likes to mine.
Iron Sword.png
This user likes to fight, but not to fight other players.
This user likes to build.
Angrydog001 loves Notch.
Angrydog001 prefers a PC.
Firefox.svg Angrydog001 prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Angrydog001 likes to play on Survival Mode.
Hardcore Heart.svg
Angrydog001 likes to play on Hardcore Mode.
MWASH This user is a member of MWASH.
The organization has been founded for 1357 days.
Key.png This user is a proud contributor to the Minecraft: Dungeons Wiki project


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