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Quick summary of the common wiki rules so I can remember what belongs and what doesn't:

  1. No speculation.
  2. No tutorials on mainspace pages; links to tutorial pages are fine, however.
  3. No pages about fan communities.
  4. No linking to videos unless they are official, such as from Notch. This includes how-to articles. Tutorial pages are exempt from this rule.
  5. No screenshots that do not use default textures.
  6. No painfully obvious trivia.
  7. Avoid contractions("don't", "isn't", "won't", etc).

Quick summary of wiki ref formatting in case I forget again:

  • Creation of simple, one-time-use references: <ref>[link, including brackets]</ref>
  • Creation of references for multiple uses: <ref name="name">[link]</ref>
  • Subsequent usage of multiple-use refs: <ref name="name" />
  • References at bottom of article: <references />