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This page is about planned versions of all editions of Minecraft. These updates either have major sources to their existence or have received development versions.

Note that only editions with known planned updates are listed here - if no known planned updates exist the edition is left out.

Java Edition


1.13 is an upcoming major update with no set release date. It will focus mainly on bug fixes, technical features, and optimisation.[1][2]


1.14 is an upcoming major update to be released at an undetermined time after the release of 1.13. Unlike the technical update of 1.13, 1.14 will focus on new features once again.[3]

In the MineCon Earth livestream on November 18, 2017, Jens Bergensten revealed that this update is called The Update Aquatic, and will focus on water and ocean-related content. Shown in a short clip are underwater plants, coral blocks and fish mobs.[4] Other additions will be the winning MineCon mob, Mob B; tridents; dolphins; shipwrecks; and icebergs.[5]

Bedrock Edition

Nintendo Switch release

The Nintendo Switch release of the Bedrock Edition was delayed past the release of the Better Together Update to 2018.[6] This will coincide with the discontinuation of the Nintendo Switch Edition of the Legacy Console Edition. If another Bedrock Edition update is released before then, it is possible that the Nintendo Switch release will be on a version past Bedrock Edition 1.2.


1.2.6 is an upcoming minor update with no set release date.


1.3 is an upcoming major update with no set release date. The update will make improvements to performance based on Java Edition[7] and the experimental Plutonium Mode.[8]

4K Update

The 4K Update[conjectural] is an upcoming update for Bedrock Edition set to be released in 2018.[9] It will add a 4K HDR graphics option. The Super Duper Graphics Pack will be added to the marketplace at the same time.[10]