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Ultra Hardcore (UHC) is a custom gamemode, similar to Hardcore, with the main difference being players cannot naturally regenerate health.


In Ultra Hardcore, players cannot naturally regenerate health, and must use potions, suspicious stews or golden apples to do so instead. The main goal of Ultra Hardcore is either to defeat the ender dragon or defeat all of the other players in PvP. Like regular Hardcore, players cannot respawn if they die. Ultra Hardcore may be played either individually or in teams of a set number. The command /gamerule naturalRegeneration false is used to prevent the natural regeneration of health.


Ultra Hardcore was started by members of the MindCrack SMP server on February 23, 2012, and has been played by Dinnerbone.[1] Prior to the addition of /gamerule naturalRegeneration, a mod was used to remove regeneration.

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