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Tutorials/The Void

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What the void looks like.

This page lists ways of reaching the void.

Note: The page only considers the space above the Nether as the void due to being obstructed by bedrock, like the void below each dimension.


Create superflat world which is the void present. You spawn in the void.


  • Teleport below the layer 0 using /tp <player> ~ -2 ~.
  • Make a hole using /fill ~ 0 ~ ~ ~ ~ air.
  • Spawn an explosive entity powerful enough to break bedrock (e.g. spawning TNT using /summon tnt ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionPower:5000}), and break bedrock with it.(Note: Entities, redstone, and block updates will cease while the blast loads)

The Nether's top[edit]

  • Teleport above the layer 127 using /tp <player> ~ 130 ~.
  • Make a hole using /fill ~ ~ ~ ~ 128 ~ air.
  • Can be also done with map editors.
  • The top of the Nether is a flat bedrock surface.


  • Break the bedrock with your fist.
  • Using one of the cheats listed above.



There is no way to get to the void in the Overworld or the Nether (except a bug), as the bedrock includes a layer with no holes (except an error or playing LAN Server <With Cheats>). However, there are a few ways to get to the void through the End:

  • Jump off the island.
  • Dig your way through the bottom of the End.
  • Get knocked off the island by the ender dragon or by an angry enderman, or knocked while playing PVP at the end.

You can also get on the top of the Nether due to a bug which can be performed (you will need at least 2 ender pearls or more) :

  • Dig a hole up to the bedrock;
  • Find three bedrock blocks in a line at height 127, the highest layer of bedrock (you can press F3, point to the bedrock and check the second number on the "Looking at" line). The first block must have two air blocks below it: the player needs to go there. The second and the third bedrock blocks must have an air block below them and another bedrock block below the air;
  • Teleport with an ender pearl below the third block: you will suffocate in the bedrock;
  • Jump and throw an ender pearl on the top of the Nether: you arrived.


  • If using a Superflat map without bedrock layers, one can mine through the bottom and reach the void.
  • If using the "the void" preset, either mine through the starting platform or jump off the side of the platform.
  • Alternatively, the 'Bottomless Pit' preset for Superflat worlds will create a layer of cobblestone where the bedrock would be, which can easily be mined to reach the void.

Getting out of the Nether's top in Survival[edit]

  • Store items in an ender chest, then kill your character. As long as there is another ender chest placed (and all items are stored), no items are lost. However, the player should keep in mind that they will lose their experience if they do this and it doesn’t work on Hardcore
  • Build a portal on the Nether's top and go through it. But you could die of fall damage because you're really high up.

Also you could type the command /gamerule keepInventory true and then type the command /kill

  • note: Make sure you know where your portal is*