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Skywars is a multiplayer PvP game where each player starts off on a separate island and tries to battle each other like in PvP. The main goal is to be the last person or team alive to win.

Often there is a middle, larger island that contains chests with better loot.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

On many multiplayer servers, there are many perks that players can purchase that can aid them in skywars. Here is a list of some of the perks:

  • Creeper Kit: A player spawns in-game with TNT and flint and steel to set off the TNT. This is useful for blowing up other opponents.

Teleporter Kit: The player spawns in-game with ender pearls. This is useful for teleporting to someone else's island right away, though some servers do have a wait time for the ender pearl to be used (so no one is being cheap).

Skywars in Hypixel[edit | edit source]

Hypixel Skywars is by far the most popular (as of player count) server to host skywars. There are four modes in hypixel skywars. Solo, Team, Mega, and Ranked, while solo and team subdivide into normal and insane mode. Each mode has varying kits and perks from coins and soul well rolls.

Solo skywars[edit | edit source]

Solo skywars is consisted of 12 players, with 3 chests on their starting islands.

There are four stages in solo skywars.

Start~First Refill: This stage lasts 3 minutes and 20 seconds from the start of the game.

1st ~2nd Refill: This stage lasts about a minute long

2nd Refill ~Doom: This stage lasts about a minute long

Doom ~ Game end: This stage lasts 45 seconds, during which enderdragons will spawn, destroying blocks.

Insane mode[edit | edit source]

The chests give at least 3 pieces of armor that are either iron or diamond, which gives the player 9 to 20 armor. The chests also contain 1~3 swords ranging from a Stone Sharpness 1 sword, a Diamond Sword, and a Diamond Sword with Sharpness 1. Wooden Planks and Stone are randomized in the chests and give 8 to 16 in one slot, which gives anywhere from 8 blocks to over 64.

Other random items by chance are:

Water Bucket

Lava Bucket

Diamond Pickaxe

Diamond Axe

Splash Potion of Regeneration (0:40)

Splash Potion of Speed (around a minute)

Fire Resistance Potion (3 minutes)

Power 1/Power 3 Bow, 15 arrows if the bow is power 1, 20 if it's a power 3