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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
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This tutorial shows how to run the data generator that is included in Java Edition client and server distributions since 1.13.


The data generator can:

  • Convert G-Zip compressed NBT format files with .nbt extensions (as used in Structure files) from and to String NBT format files with .snbt extensions.
  • Generate all contents of the vanilla data pack
  • Create JSON reports of all block states, all registries, and the full vanilla command tree

Getting Started[edit]

To launch the data generator, it is recommended that you download the official server distribution of the Minecraft version you desire.

Then, open a bash or command prompt in the directory where you have the server jar, and run (make sure you have Java installed)

java -cp server.jar net.minecraft.data.Main

If you have set up correctly, the command line will show a list of options and descriptions.

Generating data pack contents[edit]

In the same command line interface, run

java -cp server.jar net.minecraft.data.Main --server

The contents of the vanilla data pack (except pack.mcmeta) will be generated to generated directory in the run directory of the command line interface.

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